Why should you hire a private tour guide?

Tour Guide Rio de Janeiro

“The good thing is that not only leisure travellers with a private tour guide to show them around, but business travellers can also benefit a great deal with private tour guides. Tourists can get more information on their destination that they would have never known if they happen to visit the sites on their own or big groups in regular tours.

One advantage that comes with hiring a private tour guide is that they can easily adapt to travellers’ needs. This is never possible when travelling as a group since everyone would want to attract the attention of one single tour guide. Private tour guides can adjust to your needs without any interruptions. They are flexible, have a personal touch and are definitely worth your time.

 The price of hiring a private guide can be higher compared being in a group tour. But as much as there are high costs involved, one- to- one attention is exactly what you will need for you to have that wonderful, unforgettable experience.

Another great benefit that comes with private tour guides is that you will get first hand and unique information concerning the sites you visit. This will give you more knowledge on the sites than what you have been reading in books and travel guides. You will get background stories on your destinations including the locals’ lifestyle and culture.”


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